Another very important service provided by our company is the dispatch of parcels. We offer  our customers the ability to send parcels, files etc. fast,(even on the same day) with consistency and low cost to most parts of Greece. We have storerooms where the parcels are kept and can be collected during the day.


1. LEFKADA ATHENS: Every day (including Sunday) with all departures.

Athens Storeroom: tel. 210 5150108  working hours: 06.30 – 20.00

2. ATHENS LEFKADA: Every day (including Sunday) with all departures. In case the parcels cannot be collected at the arrival they are kept in our warehouse in Lefkada.

Lefkada storeroom: tel. 26450 26085  working hours: 06.00 – 19.30

3. LEFKADA PATRAS:  Friday 09.15

4. PATRAS LEFKADA:  Friday 16.00

5. LEFKADA THESSALONIKI:   Thursday & Sunday 09.45

6. THESSALONIKI LEFKADA:   Friday 14.15 & Sunday 15.30


Information: 26450 26085

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